Your VTC Var driver for each of your transport, an alternative to taxi and Uber

Your VTC Var driver for each of your transport is specialized in passenger transport whether you are an individual, a professional, a group, or an organizer of seminars or conferences.

For 5 years we have been working in the Var and the Toulon region, but also throughout the PACA region (from Marseille to Monaco), but we can travel throughout France or Europe with our long-distance VTC formula.

Whether you arrive at a station: do you need a Toulon train station driver, a Hyères train station driver, a Aix TGV train station driver or others ? We are able to transport you.

Do you need transport with a private driver ?

Whether it is to transport you to or from your home at a train station or airport, to a particular sector of the department, our transport solution adapts to your request.

The transport of people, whether private or professional, by private driver is an alternative to taxis.

If you are looking for a quality service that is an Uber alternative or other low-cost application (like Allocab), opt for the services of a high-end private driver.

We are also an alternative to Karhoo (SNCF driver reservation), and by booking your driver, we will be waiting for you at the station to transport you in the best conditions.

In the remote parts of the department, we are also an alternative to Atchoum, a carpooling platform, but with an additional service.

It's simple, contact AXIUM VTC 83 and make your VTC reservation.

What makes a taxi and a VTC different ?

  • Taxis are equipped with lights on the roofs of the vehicles, and their rates are horokilometric and fixed each year by the prefectures.
  • They have 4 prices :
    • A : for a day trip round trip, customer charge.
    • B : for a return trip at night at customer charge.
    • C : for a day trip with customer load and return empty.
    • D : for a night outward journey loaded with empty return.
  • They can wait at a taxi rank at Toulon train station or at Toulon airport, for example.
  • VTCs or private drivers VTC 83 do not have lights, but must have a red badge stuck on the front left and rear right windshields.
  • In charge of the customer, they must have the professional card affixed, photo visible on the windshield.
  • The rates for VTC Var drivers have free rates. Their prices are usually a little above the price you would pay with a taxi, but with the added service.
  • They are forbidden to wait on the public highway for a possible client, this is marauding and punishable by law. At the end of each race he must reach his home or head office.